What is FLAND?

FLAND is an organization for Foreign Language educators to advance the study of foreign languages at all levels, to promote the foreign language teaching profession, and to foster the spirit of fellowship among its members.

Why should I join FLAND?

  • Continuing Ed
  • Teacher support
  • Ideas for students

In such a sparsely populated state such as ours, it is often tough to find professional development opportunities that relate to our subject. FLAND is the number one provider of foreign language professional devolopment in North Dakota. How else will you meet other teachers from around the state? If you are lucky enough to come from a school with more than one language teacher, please come and share your knowledge with us. If you are alone in your school and even county, please come to meet some supportive colleagues. Everyone's input is very valuable to the group and we look forward to seeing you there.

Here is a copy of our constitution and by-laws:

Foreign Language Association of North Dakota Constitution and By-Laws

How do I join?


Who is in charge?


When do we meet?

FLAND Meetings

What kind of recognition is given to teachers?


What opportunities are available to students?

National Foreign Language Week

Where can I learn about FLAND's history?

FLAND News Archives
FLAND History