1. The name of this organization shall be the Foreign Language Association of North Dakota (FLAND).
2. Upon approval of this Constitution by the North Dakota Education Association (NDEA), this Association shall supersede the Modern Language Section of NDEA.

1. The purpose of this association shall be:
a) to advance the study of foreign languages at all levels;
b) to promote the foreign language teaching profession;
c) to foster the spirit of fellowship among its members.

1. Anyone interested in the purposes of FLAND may become a member upon payment of dues.
2. Membership dues shall be paid per school year.
  • a. Active teachers dues shall be $20.00 if paid by November 1 and $30 if paid after that date.
  • b. Student dues shall be $10.00.
  • c. Retired teachers' dues shall be gratis.
  • d. The four executive officers' (president, first president elect, second president elect, secretary/treasurer) and the FLAND News editors' dues shall be gratis during their terms of office.
3. The Association shall not discriminate on the basis of race or creed.
4. Honorary membership to the Association may be granted.

1. The offices shall be a President, a First President-Elect, a Second President-Elect, and a Secretary-Treasurer.
2. The officers shall constitute the Executive Committee which shall have the power to act for the Association on all matters requiring attention between meetings of FLAND.
3. The First President-Elect shall serve a two year term and succeed the President after one year. The Second President-Elect shall serve a three year term and succeed the First President-Elect after one year. The Secretary-Treasurer shall serve for a two year period. A new Second President-Elect shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present at the spring meeting. Officers shall assume their respective duties at the close of said meeting, and shall serve until the close of the following spring meeting.
4. The officers shall perform such duties as are usual in the office. The First President-Elect shall coordinate the program for meetings. The Second President Elect will serve as a member of the Executive Committee and perform other duties at the request of the President.
5. The First President-Elect shall serve as President in the absence or inability of the President to serve. A vacancy in other offices shall be filled by the President until an election at the next meeting.
6. The President shall appoint a nominating committee at the fall meeting. When the report of the committee is made, opportunity shall be given for nominations from the floor.
7. The Past-President or his/her designee shall serve as FLAND's representative to the Advisory Council ACTFL Delegate Assembly or the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (CSCTFL). There is a $300 stipend to help with expense to attend the CSC conference.

1. The officers, the past president, the presiding officers of individual language divisions, the state foreign language consultant, the editor(s) of The FLAND News, the representative to the North Dakota Curriculum Council, and the historian shall constitute an Advisory Board whose function shall be to make recommendations to the Association and assist the Executive Committee with the activities and administration of the Association.

1. A fall meeting shall be held at the NDEA instructional and development conference. A spring meeting shall be held, whenever possible, in conjunction with and include the spring meetings of individual language organizations in the state.

1. The FLAND News shall be the official publication of FLAND. Each member shall receive The FLAND News during his/her membership.
2. The editor(s) of the FLAND News shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and shall serve until another member is chosen.

FLAND is an organization that acts as a 501(c)(6) business league as described in IRS Publication 557,pages 47 and 48.

1. This Constitution may be amended and By-Laws may be adopted at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present.

1. The following divisions are recognized as having an official standing:
a. ND-AATF French
b. ND-AATG German
c. ND-AATSP Spanish and Portuguese,
d. ND Latin Teachers
2. After each spring meeting the new President shall formally appoint or reappoint:
a. Historian
b. Planning & Program Committee
c. FLAND Membership Chair
d. FLAND representative to the ACTFL Assembly
e. ACTFL Membership Chair
f. Any other FLAND chair, committees, and representatives recommended by the FLAND Executive Committee and Advisory Board.
3. Non-members attending a FLAND meeting will pay a registration fee.
4. FLAND hereby ratifies the constitution and by-laws of NDEA and declares its relation to the same as an affiliated section, and pledges its active support in promoting the programs of NDEA.

Adopted on October, 24, 1966 and amended at the April 1972, October 1972, April 1973, October 1978, October 1980, October 1981, April 1982, April 1984, September 1984, March 1992, October 1999, August 2000, October 2001, April 2006, October 2006, and March 2010 FLAND business meetings.