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The Herb Boswau Memorial Fund

Information from the October 2013 FLAND News.
The Herb Boswau Memorial Fund has surpassed the $10,000 mark! Current funds stand at $11,178.52. Although $10,000 was the target, the committee intends to continue with fundraising efforts so that the interest on the base of the endowment generates a larger annual cash award. The committee is drawing up plans and criteria for presenting a cash award intended to be used for travel expenses to a national conference. Watch for future announcements concerning this opportunity!

In the meantime, please plan to participate in the Silent Auction at the FLAND conference. Participants are encouraged to donate new or used items that others may find useful in their homes or classrooms. Be creative! Be generous! Have fun while "fun"draising!

Silent Auction: Look around your classroom. What are you no longer using that someone else might be able to use. Look around your home. What cultural items or everyday practical things might be appealing to other members. Create a wonderful gift basket and bring it on in.

T-Shirt Contest/Sale is a way to get students involved and advertising Foreign Languages as well as support the Herb Boswau fund. Please consider participating in this fundraiser! We want a fun design that will be a great way for us to promote language learning.
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Members of the Herb Boswau Memorial Fund Committee are Barb Beach, Sue Callahan, Elia Meeks, Sandy Meidinger, Mary Kay Keller Ralston and LeAnne Tracey.
We welcome other members and we especially welcome other ideas for fund raising. Contact one of us with your ideas. As a final thought, all language teachers are encouraged to make individual contributions to this fund.