Graciela Wilborn Memorial Award Awards ND FL TOY recipients

How do you nominate a worthy candidate?
Send in your nominations for the Graciela Wilborn TOY Award. Recipients of this award will be recognized for outstanding contributions in the foreign language classroom and/or to the foreign language teaching profession. Nominees must have taught a foreign language for a minimum of three years in North Dakota and be members of FLAND.

Nominations should include:
  • Name, position, address and telephone number of the teacher being nominated and of the person presenting the nomination. (typed cover page)
  • A description of the nominee's academic background, teaching experience and languages taught. (1 typed page)
  • Reasons for the nomination including specific examples of outstanding contribution to the foreign language classroom or profession (1-2 typed pages written by the person presenting the nomination)
  • Other pertinent materials such as letters of support for the nomination. (5-7 neatly typed articulate letters of support from a variety of people: administrators, co-workers, students, parents and FLAND members).
  • All nomination materials are due by May 1, 2016.
  • Please email 2016 nominations to

  • If mailing the nominations, send 4 copies to Gina Solemsaas, email her for address.

Committee Members

Gina, Solemsaas, Val Kling, Dawn Pearson