The Foreign Language Association of North Dakota is seeking a new design for the 2013 t-shirt campaign.Here is an opportunity to see your idea transferred to t-shirts worn by hundreds of students.

If your idea is chosen, you will receive $50 and a free t-shirt.

(AND the privilege of seeing your design worn by others.) Click here to see some of the past winners.

1)The idea must have broad appeal for all foreign language students in North Dakota. That could be a statement about studying languages in general OR an expression that is translated into the various foreign languages studied in our state: Chinese, German, French, Latin and Spanish. (You create the idea; the FLAND organization will provide accurate translations in the various languages.)

2)Graphics and art work must be original. You cannot use copyrighted images such as cartoon or Disney characters. Not an artist? Submit the winning idea and we will have the graphic design team at the company do the actual art work.

3)The design can be for the front of the t-shirt only OR it can be an idea, word, phrase that is continued on the back.

4)A color combination can be suggested, but the final decision of the color of the shirt and logo will be determined by the FLAND committee. We will adhere to the student’s suggestion whenever possible.

5)Students can collaborate and submit an idea from a team. The team members will have to share the prize money and only one free t-shirt will be awarded to the group.

Contest deadline: Wednesday, May 1

Entries can be emailed to or mailed to
LeAnne Tracey
Williston High School
502 W Highland Drive- PO Box 1407
Williston, ND 58802-1407

The contest winner will be notified in June. The t-shirts sales will be held in September 2013. Information on ordering will be available to FLAND members in September, please check here if you have not received an email.

FLAND T-shirt Design Contest entry form. Please complete this form and submit with your entry.